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Millions Of Brits Ignore Bills And Statements

Millions Of Brits Ignore Bills And Statements

by UK Money Market on 23 Apr, 2013

Around 6 million Brits (12%) don’t always open important bills or financial statements Many people ignore bills because they “never contain good news” But 25% of those who don’t open bills intend to read them, but forget Nobody likes seeing another bill landing on their doormat – but it seems that many of us can’t […]

Top Economical Cars of 2012

by UK Money Market on 19 Dec, 2012

Running a car can be an expensive business. After the initial outlay of buying your vehicle, you need to pay for your motor insurance, road tax, and the general upkeep of the car – and that’s before you start to consider the cost of fuel, which can cost the average driver around £2,000 a year. […]

Joy Wolfenden-Brown Wins Towry Prize In The National Open Art Competition

Pictured from left: Neil Lawson-Baker (Chairman of the Competition), Grayson Perry, Joy Wolfenden-Brown (Towry award for Best in Show) and Andrew Fisher (Towry chief executive); photo credit Ginny Jory The Towry prize for Best in Show has been awarded at the start of a week-long London exhibition of The National Open Art Competition, which was […]

Phil Jones of Brighton saved £245 on his modified 2003 Citroen Saxo VTS car insurance

Having a modified car can potentially increase your premium enormously. However, Phil Jones from Brighton found that if you are clever about it you can actually end up reducing your premium too. It’s not uncommon for the male population to desire a shiny, loud exhaust, a massive stereo, subwoofers, 19” alloys, chipped and uprated engine, […]

How Do Brits Save Their Money? See the Results Here.

How do some of us save money? From haggling in markets, to discount codes and more – err – unconventional methods (reusable toilet paper, anyone?) MyVoucherCodes looked at the good, the best and the downright strange ways people save the pennies. But what are the real facts and figures? Do people feel embarrassed about saving […]