Paul Forrest

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are becoming increasingly popular among smokers trying either to quit smoking or reduce their nicotine intake. But are e-cigarettes a significantly healthier option? History The first substitute cigarette was patented in 1963 by Herbert A Gilbert: a smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette that replaced burning tobacco and paper with “heated, moist, flavoured air”. […]

Weight Loss Basics

Weight Loss Basics

by Paul Forrest on 25 Jan, 2013

There is a lot of hype around the subject of weight loss. You only have to type in “weight loss” in your Search Engine toolbar to realise that there are so many opportunities to throw good money after bad in your quest for the perfect body weight. Before you jump in with both feet to […]

Carpets Make Comeback On Wooden Flooring

After years of seemingly losing popularity to wooden or laminated flooring, carpets appear to be making a comeback. Why this should be deserves investigating and we will do just that. We will look at the benefits carpet offers over hard flooring. We will examine the best way to choose a carpet and offer some tips […]

Save Energy With Double Glazing & Solar Power Energy Panels

The past few years have been tough financially; no question. Double-dip recessions, credit crunches and economic downturns have had a negative impact on jobs, living standards and personal finance. Energy costs have risen exponentially. Householders are searching for ways to trim expenditure. The answer could well be in reducing energy wastage. It is estimated that […]

Relaxed Planning Laws Boost for Home Improvements Sector

Double glazing companies will welcome new plans that the UK Government has outlined in its Technical Consultation, “Extending Permitted Development Rights for Homeowners and Businesses”. The Government wants to regenerate the ailing construction industry by relaxing planning laws. House owners will be allowed to extend a single storey up to eight metres from their existing […]

Car Insurance Premiums Fall and More Good News

At last some good news for the hard-pressed motorist. Amidst the seemingly ever increasing costs of keeping a vehicle on the road, the AA reports that insurance premiums actually fell in the third quarter of 2012. The cheapest policies bought directly from car insurance companies in the UK fell by nearly 3%. This is encouraging […]

Why You Cannot Afford NOT to Have Employer’s Liability Insurance

Why You Cannot Afford NOT to Have Employer’s Liability Insurance

Legislation and the cost of avoiding litigation are frequently cited as barriers to growth for small businesses. Health and Safety, Employees Rights and Public Liability Insurance can all put a strain on the finances and ability to run a business effectively. Employers’ Liability Insurance might be perceived as yet another burden for the long suffering […]

Strong Local Economy Means More Jobs in Edinburgh and Glasgow

The Central Belt of Scotland, particularly the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, enjoys a proportionally higher employment rate than most regions in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh and Glasgow have respectively the second and third highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in the UK, after London. This is good news for residents as well […]

Investing in an Existing Business within the Health Care Sector

When looking for a business investment, there are a number of opportunities that offer themselves as lucrative ventures. In uncertain financial times, much diligence must be exercised to protect one’s assets. Speculation in times of low economic confidence can lead to financial disaster. Investing in an existing business within the health care sector offers a […]

MY 13 VAN: Registration Unlucky For Some?

Superstitious motorists hoping that the UK Government may extend the vehicle licence plate ‘62’ registration, about to be introduced from the 1st September 2012, for another six months, thereby avoiding the need to purchase vehicles with a ’13’ registration, are going to be out of luck. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is to […]