David Redmond

A lot of individuals with a great money sense are going into online CFD trading. This business venture is rewarding and suited to people who enjoy strategizing to win big. It also brings excitement and keeps traders on their toes. If you are interested in CFD trading you need to keep in mind that this […]

University fees have hit the headlines in recent years, after the government gave the nod for the full amount to be charged. The expectation was that very few universities would seek to apply the maximum level of fees, so what has happened has been quite a shock to many people. Because of the rise in […]

Five Ways To Control Your Finances

Sometimes payday does not stretch far enough and unexpected expenses mean more monthly outgoings than incomes. Finding solutions to these financial worries is highly important – and here are five tips to help. Cutting down or switching brands Unnecessary expenditures are one of the main causes of running into debt. There are some luxuries that […]

Is a SIPP Right for You?

For many people, retirement may be a daunting prospect. This is because the state pension, which will provide little over £100 a week, may not afford you the standard of living that you have become accustomed to. Consequently, how much you enjoy your retirement can depend on the steps taken to supplement your pension before […]

Travelling Within the UK – Using the Railways Could Save You Money

With vast numbers of people travelling across the UK every day, solid transport networks are vital. For some time, it became the choice of business people travelling throughout the UK to hop on a cheap flight whenever they could. If a flight wasn’t available, they’d jump in the car instead. But times are changing and […]

Should You Save or Invest?

Deciding whether to invest or save your hard-earned money is always tricky. Investing is generally considered to be a riskier option, while building up a savings account is safer but with smaller returns. With interest rates low and predicted to stay that way, returns on traditional savings accounts are poor, though you can use sites […]

Save Cash This Autumn – Ways to Drive More Economically

According to a number of sources, owning and running a car is the second largest expense most people have to deal with – the only thing more expensive is accommodation. Many people would view their car as just as much of a necessity as the roof over their heads. For people who have to commute […]

The Price You Pay For Puppy Love

The idea of sharing your life with a furry friend may seem irresistible, with a pair of soulful brown eyes staring adoringly up at you and little paws pattering around your home. Whilst there is no denying that getting a dog can be an absolute delight, the costs involved can be a significant strain on […]

7 Ideas To Help You Make It Through Financial Difficulties

With the country still in a recession and inflation stealing much-needed money from people’s wallets, it is hardly surprising that debt continues to be a major issue for many Brits. According to the latest statistics, households across the country pay out a whopping £172 million in interest payments alone every day. One person will become […]

How To Decide If Bankruptcy Is Right For You

With the UK back in recession and austerity measures affecting homes up and down the country, many individuals are struggling to find enough money to pay all their bills. But when does scrimping and saving become more serious than simply tightening your belt? There comes a point when it is more sensible to hold your […]