Buying property and letting it is a great way to make an additional income. Some people devote all their time to it and others just have it as a business on the side, but whichever option you choose there are always things you should take into consideration. Have a read of these 5 top tips […]

Can You Paint Roof Tiles?

can you paint roof tiles

by David Tamplin on 1 Feb, 2017

This is a question I have asked myself and never found a straight answer. So, after some research and talking to various roofers and roofing merchants I started to get some sort of overall answer which was NO. However, I wasn’t convinced and if you read on, you will see my thinking and then my […]

Different Options For The Best Short Term Investments

From time to time, we all have a sum of money in our possession for a short period of time. This might be an insurance payout or a bonus from work that you need to keep safe for a short period of time before you spend it. This might be the money for a new […]

Grand MA 2 light Control Desk hire

GrandMA 2 Light Lighting Control Desk for Hire London Gatwick

TSL lighting have two of these desks for hire. For quotes, send an email to to arrange a demo or visit their website at and give them a call. Technical The grandMA2 light has 4,096 parameters, 15 motorized executor faders and two touchscreens available. All further features and controls are identical to those on the grandMA2 full-size. The […]

Patt2013 retro lighting for hire

JTE PATT 2013 Retro-Look Lighting Fixtures for Hire London Gatwick

JTE PATT 2013 Retro-Look Lighting Fixtures for Hire London Gatwick 24 are available for hire from TSL Lighting London Gatwick. For quotes,send an email to to arrange a demo or visit their website at How and Why the JTE PATT 2013 light was created Lighting and truss manufacturer, James Thomas Engineering, and lighting designer, Tim Routledge, […]

Hire GrandMA 2 Network Processing Unit (NPU)

Hire GrandMA 2 Network Processing Unit (NPU) Gatwick London

TSL Lighting at Gatwick have 4 new GrandMA 2 Network Processing Units (NPU) available for hire from their London Gatwick warehouses. For a demonstration or quote for hire, send an email to or visit their website at and they will be glad to help you. Technical MA NPU (Network Processing Unit) unites the calculation power in the network and […]

Robe Spiders Hire Rental

24 Robe Spiders (LED wash) for hire at TSL Lighting Gatwick London

24 Robe Spiders (LED wash) for hire at TSL Lighting Gatwick London. Arachnid Invasion in Gatwick! Joke of the day: What do you call a Spider with two eyes? A ROBE Spiider! Geddit… An outbreak of these superbright LED WashBeam Spiiders has appeared at TSL Lighting today. Featuring 18x 30w and 1 x 60W RGBW […]

Intrinsic Qualities Needed to Succeed in Online CFD Trading

A lot of individuals with a great money sense are going into online CFD trading. This business venture is rewarding and suited to people who enjoy strategizing to win big. It also brings excitement and keeps traders on their toes. If you are interested in CFD trading you need to keep in mind that this […]

Saving Money Tips for Women

A recent report, published in the Daily Telegraph, claims that women are responsible for opening the majority of savings accounts, but that men are likely to put more away. The report, commissioned by Halifax, goes on to say that 57% of Fixed Term Account, 53% of Instant Access Accounts and 55% of ISAs are opened […]

How To Get The Best Loan Rates

Borrowing money can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. Once you have decided on the reason and the amount you then have to trawl through the huge tranche of available offers to find the one that is best fit for your circumstances. Factors to consider There are many factors to consider when […]

Save Money On Your Phone Contract

Save Money On Your Phone Contract

Mobile phones are an essential part of life these days; as well as taking phone calls, we use them to send messages, check e-mails and even run businesses. However, to maintain this, it’s important to most of us to have current, well-supported phones – meaning that when the contract is up, it’s usually time to […]