Can You Paint Roof Tiles?

can you paint roof tiles

by David Tamplin on 1 Mar, 2016

This is a question I have asked myself and never found a straight answer. So, after some research and talking to various roofers and roofing merchants I started to get some sort of overall answer which was NO. However, I wasn’t convinced and if you read on, you will see my thinking and then my […]

Buying property and letting it is a great way to make an additional income. Some people devote all their time to it and others just have it as a business on the side, but whichever option you choose there are always things you should take into consideration. Have a read of these 5 top tips […]

Best Short Term Investments

Different Options For The Best Short Term Investments

From time to time, we all have a sum of money in our possession for a short period of time. This might be an insurance payout or a bonus from work that you need to keep safe for a short period of time before you spend it. This might be the money for a new […]

Starting a Business - What Are Your Options?

Intrinsic Qualities Needed to Succeed in Online CFD Trading

A lot of individuals with a great money sense are going into online CFD trading. This business venture is rewarding and suited to people who enjoy strategizing to win big. It also brings excitement and keeps traders on their toes. If you are interested in CFD trading you need to keep in mind that this […]

Saving Money Tips for Women

Saving Money Tips for Women

A recent report, published in the Daily Telegraph, claims that women are responsible for opening the majority of savings accounts, but that men are likely to put more away. The report, commissioned by Halifax, goes on to say that 57% of Fixed Term Account, 53% of Instant Access Accounts and 55% of ISAs are opened […]

best loan rates

How To Get The Best Loan Rates

Borrowing money can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. Once you have decided on the reason and the amount you then have to trawl through the huge tranche of available offers to find the one that is best fit for your circumstances. Factors to consider There are many factors to consider when […]

Save Money On Your Phone Contract

Save Money On Your Phone Contract

Mobile phones are an essential part of life these days; as well as taking phone calls, we use them to send messages, check e-mails and even run businesses. However, to maintain this, it’s important to most of us to have current, well-supported phones – meaning that when the contract is up, it’s usually time to […]


Hove Park Tanning Studios – An Amazing Tanning Sunbed Studio

BN1 Magazine did a review on this amazing place in Hove, East Sussex. They wrote:- Quote “Last week I took a trip to Hove Park Tanning Studios, a new salon that is home to a hidden gem. Hove Park Tanning Studios plays proud host to the brand new Sunangel; a sunbed with a difference, and […]

Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) - Chose Your Supplier Carefully

Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS) – Choose Your Supplier Carefully

To QROPS professionals, it’s obvious that HM Revenue & Customs is conducting a systematic review of providers with a view to weeding out the rogues. Every now and then a scheme disappears off the list only to re-emerge phoenix-like a week or two later with a clean bill of health. The reason is usually an […]

The Investor's Guide to Choosing the Right VCT

The Investor’s Guide to Choosing the Right VCT

You may have heard about how a venture capital trust can provide you with a steady income, grow your capital and provide you with impressive tax-related benefits. But you may not be aware that there is more than one type of VCT, and choosing the best one will depend on your circumstances and the benefits […]

Which is the bet smartphone

Which Is The Best Smartphone?

The debate over which smartphone can call itself the world’s best is one that has been raging ever since the term ‘smartphone’ was first coined. Every time we think we’ve got a handle on it, and that we can confidently declare a winner, one of the mobile giants releases a new model and we start […]